Why This Blog?

This blog exists for the the singular purpose of helping us think like business so we can change our world and the environment we live in for the better. I think you will enjoy it. I’m having fun in creating it. Each post is between 250-500 words and easily absorbed in our hectic lives. They… Read More

A Valued Life

Welcome to BizOfYou (BOY) is about living A Valued Live which is founded upon the axioms of: Becoming and Being alive requires us to act on our decisions. Our values drive our decisions You live the life you value A valued life is thriving through integrity.  It’s about understanding ourselves as a system of elements just… Read More

Business of Who

WELCOME This blog is a look into our lives through the lens of business systems thinking.  As individual businesses, our primary customer is our future self along with those we interact with and our environment.  Our product is who we are now.  We are the customers of our past decisions and actions. The service we… Read More