Life is Movement

There is something unique to all of us, our bodies.  Being married to an identical twin, I’ve come to realize that each body is unique.  Our experience leads each individual down a separate path of integrating with their body, even if they start with identical DNA.  Our bodies and minds are an integrated whole that… Read More

A Valued Life

Welcome to BizOfYou (BOY) is about living A Valued Live which is founded upon the axioms of: Becoming and Being alive requires us to act on our decisions. Our values drive our decisions You live the life you value A valued life is thriving through integrity.  It’s about understanding ourselves as a system of elements just… Read More

Personal Management

It’s up to us to manage our personal business.  So what does it mean to manager the business of ourselves? Our personal business management is the coordination of our efforts to accomplish something using our resources effectively and efficiently.  It involves planning, organization, directing, resourcing and controlling ourselves in order to produce the results we… Read More