The intent of the articles posted here at BizofYou is to create a dialog.  No comments means no dialog.   Posts without comments are monologues at best.  Interaction breaths life into ideas.   I reply to comments when I can, even if a day or two later.  I’ll accept most comments except those that are disrespectful.  Just like any conversations, varying perspectives add energy even when negative.  Constructive disagreement is welcome.  However, hate speech, abuse or repeated hostility is not.

I encourage those who like the ideas herein to reblog. Link to pages you like from your own websites.  This helps both our websites building connectivity and adding to our content.   Connectivity and content is not only two of the three pillars of search engine optimization, they also help build the community of our ideas.

So, let’s connect!

Dialog is following the meaning in a conversation.
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