Welcome to BizOfYou (BOY) is about living A Valued Live which is founded upon the axioms of:

  • Becoming and Being alive requires us to act on our decisions.
  • Our values drive our decisions
  • You live the life you value

A valued life is thriving through integrity.  It’s about understanding ourselves as a system of elements just like a business.  Thinking of ourselves as a business allows us to find more value in ourselves, our interactions and the life around us.   Looking into our lives through the lens of business system thinking can help all of us change our world and the environment we live in for the better. This blog applies the wisdom of the internationally successful business management systems for aerospace, medical and service industries to the individual.  It uses examples from daily affairs at work and home to open a dialogue between the reader and the reader’s past and future selves within the construct of “The Business of You.”  It provides a foundation to understand ourselves, balance our resources, manifest our vision and live with as much life as we can.

Posts occur 2-3 times a week, towards the end of the week.  If you’d like to influence how often , when and the length of the posts, feel free to take a poll.

The  primary categories of this website are the construct of managing our business no matter what we choose our business to be.  Feel free to poke around using the underlined links.

  1. Foundation Matter:  Guiding Principles, Critical Themes & Key Concepts
  2. Our System: Mental Weather Patterns & Natural Processes
  3. Resources: Time, Capital Assets (not what you think) & Distribution
  4. Live with Life: Leading Our Way, Living and Thriving, & Rolling with the Changes
  5. Best of You: Observing our Intent & Continual Improvement
  6. Application:  Life Management System, the Contract, Conscious Raisers, & Tools

There are secondary categories of this website extend and expand the primary categories.

Valued Vision: Giving Life to our Intentions
Valued Moments: Improving our World through Integrated Actions
Valued Causes: Developing our Critical Thinking and Intellectual Honesty
Random Reflections: Random thoughts & observations loosely related to the Biz of You
Reposts: Thoughts from other Blogs that resonate the ideas of the BOY.

This blog is about the practical application of business systems, science,  psychological and philosophical ideas applied to daily living.  It began as a mind map relating daily living and the aerospace business Quality Management System standard, AS9100.  Being a little too rigid, AS9100 did not lend itself easily to one’s life activities.  Other topics influencing the Business Of You (BOY) include our search for meaning, the power of habits, our will to pleasure,  willpower itself, turning obstacles into opportunity, finding our should, the moral animal inside us, dealing with uncertainty, randomness, strategy, tai chi, engineering, science, systems thinking and finding joy in what we do.  This blog uses examples from family and management experiences to illustrate the concepts of managing the business of you.  It is formed out of the assumption, we can learn through observations of our world around us at home and work.

A Valued Life
A Valued Life emerges from managing the business of you.

As jumping off points into the Business Of You, I suggest the following posts:

Appreciating Our Business
Our Butts have Power
Do You Manager Yourself?
The Passion of Our Business

If you’re interested in learning more about the author and why this blog exists feel free to check out the about pages:

Why This Blog?
About Jacob

If you find anything of interest, I write at least a couple times a week and suggest you follow this blog either via email, the links at the bottom of the page, or with your WordPress account if you have one.  If nothing else, I hoped you enjoyed your excursion into the BOY blog.  As a parting thought, i share some ideas that epitomize the BizOfYou from this blog.

Prioritize what matters

universe responds

Live from intention


our opportunity to affect our future is now.

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