This blog exists for the the singular purpose of helping us think like business so we can change our world and the environment we live in for the better. I think you will enjoy it. I’m having fun in creating it. Each post is between 250-500 words and easily absorbed in our hectic lives. They are hand-crafted in the light of applying business principles to our daily living. There are excerpts from my manuscript, A Valued Life, Managing the Business of You, as well as applications of the principles I’ve learned through the years being a successful design engineer, martial arts instructor and manager. Having a sense of sarcasm and fun, I seek the essence of experiences with the hopes of improving my own life day by day. Followers indicate the ideas have helped them to think differently about what happens to them.  Some feedback has included:

“I’m working towards a better future.”  
“The topic is easy to understand, a little more difficult to put to work.  Hardly anything worthwhile is easy.”
“Self-empowerment, life is what you make of it.  you can be sorrowful, a victim, if you with, or you can be ecstatic and consider yourself your own master.”

The ideas herein can set up a way of thinking about your life bringing about success however you define it.  It is a system of thought applying the wisdom of internationally successful business management systems from the aerospace, medical and service industries.  It opens a dialog between yourself and your past and future self.  It provides a foundation to understand ourselves, distribute resources, manifest our vision and live with as much life as we can.

balancing sunlight
Stewardship starts with intention.
(photo from wikicommons)

The manuscript is mostly complete and awaiting an agent and publisher to help take the fiery passion of my ideas into the world through readers like you. As individual businesses, our primary customer is our future self along with those we interact with and our environment.  Our product is who we are now.  The service we provide is stewarding our resources in support of creating our product.  Our success is determined by the actions we take to exceed our customer expectations.  Thinking of ourselves as a business gives us the tools we can approach daily decision making in a manner adding value to our lives, those around us and the environment we live in.

Biz of You. If not you then who?
It is our responsibility to stand up and fight for our business.
Your business is what you choose and decide to do.

If you’re interested in valuing your life, I suggest you follow this blog. It has information for us squeeze more happiness and joy out of our daily affairs using business principles. If you’re uncertain, perhaps you should check out the following posts:

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We live value

If you have further interest in finding out more you can try the following social media. Honestly, this blog and Pinterest are my primary means of getting my ideas out into the information ocean.

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You can also find me on LinkedIn by searching  for Jake Olson. I’m the one who’s a Product Assurance Manager at Sierra Nevada Corporation.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about this blog.  Perhaps we may explore more of our daily business together. To facilitate this exploration, feel free to open up a dialog with a comment.  If your an agent, publisher or someone interested in a seminar, feel free to contact me using my email: If you’d like to know more about me, check out my About Jacob page.

For now, adieu.

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