This is a collection of quotes about our intention including our vision, objectives, goals and targeted activities.  I collect them here and then pin them to my Pinterest boards as appropriate.  If you like them, you may also like some of the articles on this blog:
What’s Your Intention?
Knowing Our Intentions
Quality of Life Emerges Out of Our Decisions

If you have any thoughts you’d like to share about the quotes, feel free to comment here, elsewhere on the blog, or email me at

uploaded 8Feb2015

understand future quality life thru aspiration Prioritize what matters play everyday love one life Live from intention have faith in yourself fill flagon add value clarify importance

Prior to the restructure of the quote pages 3Feb15

Knit together   Vision does without constraint What matters to you We live value Vision breaths Vision affecting actions   transcend problems   Set anchor sense of who you are   imagine time spans  how will you know  Create Adjust Adapt  contribute  build momentum accountable

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