This is a collection of the quotes posted on this blog between 9Oct14 and 31Mar15.  Each quote is a link to the post for it.  You can also see the quotes on my Pinterest boards.  If you like the quotes you may be interested to explore the post that has more context and explanation of the idea.

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Settle into not knowing by holding on to what you value.
Happy Birthday Jessica and Melissa!
Be accountable for your actions and accept the purpose you give yourself.
painful opportunity
pain, trauma and drama are just opportunities to learn provided we don’t allow the pain to define us.
kick in complacency
Knowing life will end albeit at an unknown time is kick enough to manage the business of you.
Our wisdom is born out of attention on what will probably happen
crap factors
We have to account for the crap we have to put up with.
our crap
A little self awareness goes a long way.
habits cost
The price we pay comes in a later day.
Staying married is a decision made with each of our actions.
Time leveraging of our actions supports our future self.
path forward
What we were, are and become are bound together along our passage through life.
(Tomasz Kuran – wikicommons photo)
Move on Own up
Change happens and its up to us to enjoy the path that unwinds beneath our feet.
treasure map of life
Our treasure is a valued life.
bright lines
We create bright lines for ourselves to follow in our dark times with the rules and boundaries we create.
Ask yourself, is this important right now? Does this help me or others?
Planning is indispensable, but as reality unfolds we have to be flexible.
goal setting
By using the Genesis strategy we create our world.
It’s up to us to do something about the feedback we receive.
Creating Potential
Exploring the present with our vision in mind creates the potential to bring it about.
creating our vision
We make our vision real by setting objectives that create our vision.
rediscover wondering
Stop and ask why even when you think you know or feel you know.
Having a vision for our life and letting the vision direct our action creates a valued life.
Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. -Richard Krieger
Our vision for the future is central to our plans.
To create the future we see for ourselves, we have to pursue the strategy we develop to bring it about.
our opportunity to affect our future is now.
We can change how we perceive the world if we simply focus on the things we can change in lieu of the things we have no control over.
When we want to work, we work effectively and efficiently.
It’s up to us individually to adjust our expectations to adapt to our situation
There’s power in listening.
Our vision is a powerful force in our lives.
Not worrying about what people think about you. It only matters what you think about yourself. – Jordan Olson
What an awesome post form a mother to a daughter!
Managing our margins utilizes the creative tension between where we are and where we want to be.
It’s up to us to be aware of how our expectations affect our response to what is.
Are you giving yourself workouts in body, mind and soul?
It’s up to us to manage our time and enjoy our distractions as long as they are useful.
It’s up to us to accept and find the fun with the randomness in our lives.
Our behavior brings about our success or failure.
biz quote
It’s up to us to decide to have fun and play with what happens in our lives.
To manifest our vision, we have to focus on what’s important here and now.
Keep it simple and be mindful of change.
A bias for action and exceeding expectations helps us over achieve.
Interact to integrate
Our second set of leverage points to pay attention to is our interactions with others.
leverage points
We can move our world if we can just find the right leverage.
grow to death
As living systems we grow until our passing.
intentions and distractions
Oh, ’tis most sweet
When in one line two crafts directly meet. -William Shakespeare
embracing distractions
Enjoy distractions by planning for them and perhaps they can even be a source of creativity
We the System
Working together we bring about a better world.
petty tyrants
The bullies in our lives are nothing more than petty tyrants we give our power away to.
unexpected learning opportunities
it’s up to us to seize the opportunities to learn.
balancing sunlight
Stewardship starts with intention.
(photo from wikicommons)
Do something
We are the Stewards of our future selves.
living systems
We are living systems requiring continual exchange.
life pictogram
Without movement there is no life.
Butts motivate us
Our butts are integral to our business.
(an Olson Picture)
SWOT Cycle
Our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats are interdependent.
Biz of You. If not you then who?
It is our responsibility to stand up and fight for our business.
Your business is what you choose and decide to do.

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