My name is Jacob K Olson.  Most people just call me Jake.  I’m glad you took the opportunity to read about me and this website. I don’t know exactly how you arrived at my spot along the information oceanside.I suspect we share a common interest.  We both value our lives.

I have a diverse background including being a martial arts and health improvement instructor for 15 years before starting a family.  I have a pilot’s license but haven’t flown since my first born.

Jake in the cockpit of a 172 Heavy. ;-)
Jake in the cockpit of a 172 Heavy. 😉

I married my best friend and have been having fun together for over 20 years.

olson clan
The Olson Clan in 2011.

My kids are a hoot.

fun kids
Kids are full of fun and mirth

Professionally, I’m currently a Quality Manager for a successful Aerospace company that has product on spacecraft all over the solar system. Before finding my home in the aerospace industry, I was in the medical and agricultural industries with a short stint as a research engineer at an internet company. While getting my BS in mechanical engineering with technical electives in psychology and systems design, I worked as a medical transcriptionist and developed a love of typing. My thoughts are freed through my fingers. Of the the eight strategic objectives I set out to accomplish when I was 17, I’ve achieved six of them. I am successful. I am happy and work my ass off to maintain the life I have With all that, I find my main strength is applying knowledge, learning and helping others with their understanding.

dead reckoning
Jake explaining navigation by dead reckoning.

A couple of my employees told me they would leave if I wasn’t their manager.  They may be trying to suck up, but I take if for face value in that they enjoy working and being successful with me. As one of my previous managers pointed out, “Jake abhors inefficiency.”  I live by that.

Taking on action at a time on a big project.

Luckily my wife is a staff level design engineer at a medical device company and also has a deep dislike of ineffectiveness and inefficiency. We love being effective at whatever we do. Come to think about it, we should get our kids into therapy sooner rather than later.

Looking after kids at home and inspectors and engineers at work, I’m in the teaching and mentoring role all the time.  To keep up with this role I am continuously learning.  I learn what perspective others are coming from. I learn new strategies for dealing with issues.  I learn how to better connect with the world around me. If I don’t know an answer, I do whatever I can to learn it.  This blog is born out of that intent along with applying business principles to daily living.  My business is to be as effective and efficient as I can achieving what I set out to do.  This blog is an attempt to present that approach to life and happiness.

Having been a public speaking in workshop settings and appeared on television in support of sharing the health improving benefits of martial arts, I’m comfortable in front of people.  It is my goal to use my experience and help others be successful.  Having taught the Taoist Arts for near 15 years, trained corporate leaders and helped engineering teams solve complex problems, I have a deep understanding of how to help people help themselves.  I enjoy life the way it is and seek to help others find their own connection to the essence of fund available to us all.

Tai Chi
Jake enjoying demonstrating the health improving arts of Taoist Tai Chi.

A side note: A little know fact about the word jake:

The slang definition of Jake is “all right” and “fine”  The first know use of jake in this way goes back to 1914 when people would say, “Everything’s jake.”  It’s another way to say things are copacetic or okay.  When I first came across this information, I thought it was cool and something reflecting my own attitude towards life. Often people make comments to me, “How can you stay so relaxed?” or “You seem calm” amidst the ups and downs in life.  It’s because my approach to life is grounded in unending change and inquiry.  Whether a situation is overly positive or negative, I have an underlying belief that we can make it better.  It will pass as everything else does.  The trick is to continue learning and improving so that if it comes back around we can handle it with ease and we can say, “Everything’s Jake.”

Jake ready to embark on a project.

Here’s to Joy de vivre, the “Joy of Living.”  If you’d like to know some of my thoughts relative to the business of you, you may want to check out some of the following posts:
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Thanks for taking the time to explore.  Perhaps we may explore more of our daily business together.

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