Business of You

What if we managed ourselves like successful innovative businesses do?

I like you and everyone else are a business.  My primary customer is my future self.  Additional customers include others in my life as well as the environment I live in.  The product of my business is who I am now.  The service I provide is stewarding the resources creating the product and its usefulness to the customers.  My success is determined by my decisions and the actions I take with the intent of exceeding the expectations of my customers.

To Learn More about the Biz of You go to either the Biz of Who or the Valued Life page.  Else just enjoy the recent posts below.
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There are times we need reminded of who we are and what value we bring to others. I recently went to lunch with some very good friends. I could call them old friends as I’ve known them for nearly 20 years and they are older than me. So, truly, they are old friends. This get… Read More

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Passionate, principled, and idealistic are attributes that can get us hired in the jobs we want. On the other side of the sword these attributes can get us fired from the jobs we have. It comes down to how we use these attributes and more specifically the energy we derive from them. Each of our… Read More

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Our short-sidedness is our undoes the change we seek in our lives

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Managing our biz is a daily affair and includes adjusting our use of TEA as appropriate to our particular situation.

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A couple of very good friends like the following letter to an old friend. I hope you will as well. Death my old friend. You are always so quiet but always there ready to give guidance unlike your sibling, life, who knows no end to expressing the desire to connect and grow. We walk through… Read More

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An experienced auditor uses this tool to elicit more information than necessary. Quality engineers use it during investigations of anomalies to bring pertinent information to the surface. Quality inspectors use it during source inspections at a supplier to give the space for details not captured in the paperwork. And, quality managers use this tool to… Read More

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