Business of You

What if we managed ourselves like successful innovative businesses do?

I like you and everyone else are a business.  My primary customer is my future self.  Additional customers include others in my life as well as the environment I live in.  The product of my business is who I am now.  The service I provide is stewarding the resources creating the product and its usefulness to the customers.  My success is determined by my decisions and the actions I take with the intent of exceeding the expectations of my customers.

To Learn More about the Biz of You go to either the Biz of Who or the Valued Life page.  Else just enjoy the recent posts below.
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Adopting network thinking evolves not only ourselves but all of our interactions at work and home.

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The amount of confirmation and negativity bias used by leaders to sway personnel to their point of view is alarming some days. In a meeting they may even have someone pull up data and looking at one data point tell everyone how it shows their supposition is correct. Occasionally, someone who has some inclining of… Read More

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No matter where we are at along the spectrum of managing our lives, we all have the capacity to become the masters of our biz

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To maintain relevance in our ever changing world, we are obligated to question what we do, how we do, and whether each step along our path matters.

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Our physical and emotional pain, ability to withstand pain, and processing of pain has more to do with the quality of our lives than any other parameter. This is part of the fundamental nature espoused by Mark Manson in his new book, Everything is Fucked Up, A Book About Hope. Where his previous book, The… Read More

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If you don’t know why you are doing what you’re doing then why do it?

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