Business of You

What if we managed ourselves like successful innovative businesses do?


I am a business.  My primary customer is my future self.  Additional customers include others in my life as well as the environment I live in.  The product of my business is who I am now.  The service I provide is stewarding the resources creating the product and its usefulness to the customers.  My success is determined by the actions I take and exceeding the expectations of my customers.

To Learn More about the Biz of You go to either the Biz of Who or the Valued Life page.  Else just enjoy the recent posts below.
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There’s a part of us that just doesn’t grow up.  No matter how hard we try to be professional and treat our work objectively, there will always be that person that brings out our immaturity. The petty tyrant brings out our childish nature.  We bicker and speak solely in terms of you and I instead… Read More

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We have to take the long-view and seek independent objective verification to get out of our own way.

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Only you can preserve your freedoms

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Mind your clicks or let your time slip into oblivion. It’s your go or no-go decision you make all the time.

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Chase Health not wealth. Wealth follows health and besides, you can’t enjoy wealth without health.

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Either we learn, grow and adapt or we deteriorate and die. It’s everyone’s individual choice.

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