Business of You

What if we managed ourselves like successful innovative businesses do?

I like you and everyone else are a business.  My primary customer is my future self.  Additional customers include others in my life as well as the environment I live in.  The product of my business is who I am now.  The service I provide is stewarding the resources creating the product and its usefulness to the customers.  My success is determined by my decisions and the actions I take with the intent of exceeding the expectations of my customers.

To Learn More about the Biz of You go to either the Biz of Who or the Valued Life page.  Else just enjoy the recent posts below.
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My dad used to tell me, “If you do something, do it right.”  If we spend our time and energy on something, we might as well get the most return out of it as possible.  To get the greatest return requires directing our attention on the task at hand and making doing as well as… Read More

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Rise to the occasion of your life and the privilege of breathing, thinking, enjoyment and love.

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It’s time to grow up and accept we don’t know everything, start asking questions and learning how to be better.

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Like my children, most people just don’t get the money value of time.  My daughter was stressing out today trying to get her school iPad working.  It’s glitchy and something I’m unable to help her with without significant effort and on top of that, the iPad doesn’t belong to me. I risk revocation of the… Read More

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Your zombie attachment to your expectations is killing you and affecting the people around you.

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Are you sure you want to let others decide what you want in life?  A pizza may be a fun little suspension of responsibility especially when the person offering knows what’s good at a restaurant and you don’t.  What about a house? So, I took the kids to a hometown artisan pizza place when my… Read More

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