Business of You

What if we managed ourselves like successful innovative businesses do?

I like you and everyone else are a business.  My primary customer is my future self.  Additional customers include others in my life as well as the environment I live in.  The product of my business is who I am now.  The service I provide is stewarding the resources creating the product and its usefulness to the customers.  My success is determined by my decisions and the actions I take with the intent of exceeding the expectations of my customers.

To Learn More about the Biz of You go to either the Biz of Who or the Valued Life page.  Else just enjoy the recent posts below.
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Death Becomes Us whether that be our own or the passing of friends or family. Our process approach to life is what allows us to withstand the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to.

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We all have an appointment with death. Unfortunately, none of us know when or where our death will occur. This can make our lives infinitely enjoyable or dreadful depending on our perspective on the the life we have. For my two beagles, an appointment has been made. Like me, they have now idea it is… Read More

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Either we do or we die. If you don’t think so try not breathing, eating or drinking water and see how far that gets you. The same is true of our success.

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“I know you’re going to be upset, but…” You know it’s a good story when your kid starts a conversation like this.

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Transitions are difficult due the unexamined assumptions we have about where we are coming from and going to. At work we build up our stress and allow the tension to seep into our expectations for what will happen tomorrow. We’re under the gun to get things done. We experience stress and expect more in the… Read More

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Will your eulogy be about how much time and energy you invested in work?

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