Our System

We are living systems.  “Living systems are open systems; closed systems are non-living systems.  Point: if we don’t communicate with the outside world – to gain information for knowledge and understanding as well as matter and energy for sustenance – we die out to become non-discerning and uninteresting part of that world.”   

What are the major elements of our personal systems?  There are all kinds of different philosophies, belief systems and ideologies that attempt to describe what we are.  These things are good to absorb intellectually.  It is also necessary to feel whether they resonate with us and our experience.  However, the most important thoughts are our own.  Take time to understand and “know thyself.”  If we don’t we fall prey to the competing memes in our local environment, we become that which we integrate within.

Have you ever noticed that our speech gets altered when we hang out with a particular group or even a particular individual?  We pick up the body movements and the sayings of those around us.  We become an amalgamation of our environment and our own personal mannerisms.  The thing is, the more we know of our own ways, mannerisms, thoughts, and most importantly accept them, we gain power and control.  People who do not have a good foundation within themselves gather around those that do, especially others who resonate with their own frequencies or interests.  Thus, to manage our business it is imperative to look within and observe without judgement our mental weather patterns and natural processes.

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