Our Primary Resource, Time

The first resource we all have some measure of control over is time.  As Dr. Tolian Soran said in the movie Star Trek Generations, “Time is the fire in which we burn.”  This is a common sentiment especially when we do not use that fire to accomplish what we choose.   When others choose the objectives we apply our time to it feels like we are burning up with nothing to show for it.  So, the responsibility and accountability falls on us to choose to fan the flames of time to accomplish what we set out to do.

No matter how we perceive time, it is a limited resource to say the least.  Although there is a certain amount of time in every given day, we have no idea how many tomorrows will dawn in our life.     Scientific American published an article in 2013 titled, Why Does Time Fly as We Get Older?  Within the article there were five theories proffered:

  • We gauge time by memorable events.  The more events that are recalled in a period makes time seem longer.
  • The amount of time passed relative to one’s age varies.  For a 5-year-old, one year is 25 of life whereas for a 50-year-old it is only 2%.
  • Our biological clock slows as we age.  Time continues at its regular pace despite our biological clocks changing their tempo.
  • As we age, we pay less attention to time.  As adults we typically focus on our responsibilities and notice time less.
  • Stress, stress and more stress.  With stress time passes quickly.

Thus, it behooves us to make every moment of value to achieve the objectives and goals we set for ourselves.

Another interesting thing that links a couple of the theories above is when we are young our responsibilities are less than when adults.  As we grow, become more capable and experience more, we make more and more decisions.  Our decisions send us down a particular path with associated responsibilities.  Our available time diminishes as our responsibilities increase.  Therefore, it is important to know that whatever available time we do have within the constraints of the present, we can leverage it to build financial, psychological and spiritual capital.  Our time, albeit limited, is a perpetually replenishing resource until the day we die.

My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”  Steve Jobs

24hr watch
24hr Time Keeper by Museumsfoto (wikicommons)

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