Are You Minding Your Gaps

The gap between what we want and where we are creates tension in our lives.  This tension may be used to create worry.  It can be felt as stress or emotional upset which can even lead to physical pain.  It can also be utilized to our benefit.  Tension is a form of energy.  Like a rubber band when stretched there is potential to use the energy to accomplish something.  A rubber band can be used in toys to cause a propeller to spin or a ball launched to the joy of a child.  Having a gap between where we want to be and where we are is a good thing.  It provides us with inspiration.  It gives us purpose as well as actions to take here and now to close the gap, provided we see the system we are part of and how it differs from the system as it will be once we’ve attained what we truly want.  Like a child launching a rubber band powered airplane, we can benefit from finding the fun in using the creative tension in our lives.

Having fun with tension is something we can apply to our vision, objectives and goals in our lives.  When gaps appear relative to our goals, we can have fun with it and adapt to the situation at hand.  It is also something we can apply in the random interactions that occur over the course of the day.  For instance, if you are a technician trying to get something accomplished and you get interrupted by your boss.  You could focus on what you aren’t getting done resulting in an increase of blood pressure or you could focus on allowing the distraction to occur which creates a creative tension in that moment.  Letting your work go as long as you and the work itself are safe from harm, allows you to spend your energy on the interruption.  Perhaps your boss just needs to talk to someone about his or her issues.  This in turn allows the boss to see you as more supportive which supports you in the future in your reviews or promotions.  Perhaps your boss needs something done immediately.  Taking time away from the task at hand allows you to get on the good side of you boss which again supports your future.  You could focus on having not having enough time to do your regular task, but what does that get you.  Your shunning of your boss creates a less positive impression having potential to impact to a future review or promotion.  If your task is something that truly cannot be interrupted then taking a moment to politely request you go visit your boss when you are finished and making sure you do accomplishes the same thing.  This manages the situation to the benefit of both people involved.  However, if you just keep your head down, don’t allow interruptions, or cock an attitude the future impact will be less than positive for sure.  This example is aimed at an office or production environment, but the same holds true in service industries.  No matter what our business is, when we have fun with the tension that arises during the day, we steward appreciation of those we connect with and support ourselves in future decisions made with respect to us.

It’s up to us to be aware of how our expectations affect our response to what is.

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