What’s your Motivation?

We are motivated by fear or hope. We either avoid things we don’t want to deal with for whatever reason or move towards the things we want.  Our decisions and actions are driven by our desire whether negative or positive.  There is an enormous amount of research in psychology and economics about our motivations.  The reason for all this research is to understand our motivations.  This supports theoretical models of us as humans.  It may also be used by people, organizations or governments to better understand their people for whatever reason whether negative or positive.  (Whether you are a conspiracy theorist and feel people are out to get you or have trust in humanity and their seeking to improve, just have fun with it.)

Do you know what your motivations are?  Understanding your motivations is a key component in managing the business of you. Our decisions and actions can better serve our purposes when we know what we want or at least want to avoid.  This takes intellectual honesty as some of our desires are deep-seated and may even disturb us.  Nonetheless, when we look at the mirror inside ourselves we have the opportunity to satiate our deepest desires if  we decide it appropriate to do so. What’s appropriate depends on the desire, our current situation, the consequences of our actions and what we want to create in the future.  Sometimes it may take years and patient activity to manifest our deepest desires.  Other times our desires may be fulfilled by taken advantage of the opportunities that present themselves in our problems and daily issues.

So, when you are thinking of what you need to do with the time available to you make sure you reflect upon yourself to know what you want and see how it fits in with the current unfolding of life around you.

fears and hopes
Control your own destiny by knowing your fears and hopes.

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