What’s Next?

I was talking to my four-year old while driving to martial arts class.  He was asking why I switched lanes. I told him that I had to look ahead and think about what I had to do next.  To get to his martial arts class I had to switch lanes so we could turn.  I told him that when he learned how to drive he would have to not only learn how to drive the car but think ahead of the vehicle and where he was going.  I told him not to worry as he has years before he has to put those to activities together.

Relative to the biz of you, this is an important thing to learn.  We have to act day-to-day to take care of our responsibilities while at the same time we have to keep our heads up, look forward and think about what’s next.  This is the bridge between the tactical activities we are doing now with the plans we have to create the vision we have for our own life.  Connecting strategic imagination with our tactical experience is the essence of managing our business.  The more we can connect now with the future we want, managing our biz becomes almost second nature.

heads up
It’s up to us to keep our heads up and look ahead.

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