The Responsibility of Desire

We are responsible to find, develop and manage what we truly desire.  Whether that’s running a marathon, being a successful stock broker, getting a college degree, becoming a pilot, or just finishing high school.  Once we are aware of our desires, it’s up to us to bring them about.  Obviously, some things are out of our control.  We can create a road map of how we can bring about our desires.  There may be paths we don’t plan on taking.  There may be contingency plans.  And, we have to factor in the invariable uncertainties in dealing with things outside of our control like the attitudes and actions of others or the inherent uncertainty in every given situation.

This is true of our relationships as well.  When we are aware of our desires, it’s up to us to manage our situations to help them come to pass.  Our significant other has their own set of desires whether they are aware of them or not.  When in a relationship, our business includes managing the biz of two.  We can not control our significant others.  We can communicate what we want and open ourselves for them to tell us of their own desires.  In this, we have have to take responsibility for our desires and passions and share them when appropriate with our significant other.  This may be physical, spiritual or financial in nature.  Take for instance, retirement. It is up to us to let our significant other know what’s important to us in the long run.  Without this level of sharing early on the planning and actions taken over the course of the relationship may lead to divergent paths away from one another.  Sharing in a relationship is critical to the long-term viability of that relationship.  This is true of the physical, mental, spiritual and financial yearnings of the individuals.

It’s up to us to bring about what we desire.
openly share
When we share, we engage our environment to help us create what we desire.

2 thoughts on “The Responsibility of Desire

    1. What an interesting thought. In the construct of managing the biz of you, our feelings and senses are the basis of our experience and thus one of our resources to develop and manage over time. As a resource in of themselves, the degree to which we develop and manage our feelings and senses is up to the individual. For myself, I’ve definitely had times where I explored, developed and managed a sense/feeling. Often it has been an unusual interest or attraction to something, a group or even someone. This attraction led to amazing experiences that helped me expand who I am and what I’m capable of.

      In this light, yes, a sense/feeling may be found, developed and managed.

      Thank you for opening up some dialog.


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