The OODA Loop Part 3

As we learned in The OODA Loop Part 1 and 2, the first step in the process we enact every waking moment of our lives is to Observe and the second is to Orient ourselves to our intent, resources, and continuous improvement.

The third step is to make a decision.  As indicated earlier, a clear choice may well up from within or simply present itself.  Even so, it is important to take a step back and align our unconscious choice with our conscious deliberations so that we not only follow a path with heart but one that meets our intentions.  We need to follow the path that enables us to add value to our lives. There numerous methods for coming to a conclusion like generating a decision matrix, understanding causal relationships via pros and cons, evaluating risks or looking at impact versus effort.  No matter what method resonates with us as individuals it is advantageous to find the value through exercising our rationality in addition to feeling our way within our irrational experience to arrive at an appropriate course of action.  Here we select a course of action to provide the best possibility of meeting our goals while both accounting for the known unknowns and minimizing the risk.   This all sounds good, but we can easily become locked with paralysis due to our analysis.  Sometimes the best decision to bring about our intention is no action at all.  If we have set up the appropriate conditions for our intention to manifest no action may be needed. This relates to strategy and tactical efforts which we will discuss further in the section on Leading the Way in the Living with Life chapter of the manuscript.

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