Changing Culture Relies on Us

Culture emerges from our behavior and feedback into our decision reinforcing our actions.  To change culture we have to decide to be different and act accordingly.  As culture reinforces our previous behaviors, we need a sense of rebellion.  Over time the culture will respond in kind or alienate the behavior.  Others may follow creating a subculture and eventually be integrated into the larger culture or split off into it’s own.  The culture changes or a revolution takes place.  Either way, change occurs.  Embracing the change and being the change we want to elicit from our surroundings is critical.  We are responsible for change.  Not taking responsibility is giving up our own freedoms.  Like our identity, culture results from our behavior and is founded upon our decisions.  It’s up to us to hold each other accountable for making the changes we need to ensure our long-term viability as individuals, groups, society and species.

Be the change you want to elicit from your surroundings.
Be the change you want to elicit from your surroundings.


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