Letting Go

It’s interesting how in business it costs more money to retain aging equipment and systems.  As an example, if you have some capital equipment purchased years ago with the depreciation long gone there comes a point when you have to pay to get rid of it.  The loss of performance over time also costs the company with inefficiencies and increasing maintenance.  Once something depreciates to zero, the cost of ownership begins to rise.  Holding on to equipment and systems past the point of usefulness affects the bottom line of profit and effectiveness.

What does this have to do with the biz of you?  Simply stated, holding on to things in our lives past their utility is a waste of our time and energy and ultimately affects our ability to meet our long-term objectives.  When dealing with things we are attached to, adopting a long-view helps us understand what we need to do with the things in our lives that are no longer useful.  Certainly, if our attachment is high then we have to take that into account and adjust accordingly realizing our attachments may be costing us.  What we need to hold on to is our long-view of our intention.

If you can’t cut the fish off the hook there’s no way you can keep on fishing let alone eat the fish if you are hungry.

Learn to let go and partake of the nutrients of life.
Learn to let go and partake of the nutrients of life.

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