We’re Not Alone

Have you ever felt like just falling apart? I believe we all have at some point. Have you ever just felt like a witness to the never ending change in life with people coming and going and tasks seeming to lead no where? Perhaps a job without end or not able to get ahead is what ails you and no matter how much ale you imbibe, you’re left feeling the same? I imagine many of us can relate. The kids are growing and their problems become yours. The dogs are aging and nearing their end. Stress abounds but you simply keep trucking along and tell any passerby you’re doing fine. Meaningless conversations amount to nothing and the repeated nothing adds up to meaninglessness. Tis the way of things when responsibilities outweigh one’s capacity to cope. What keeps us together in those moments? What keeps us going?

I suspect everyone is a little different in this regard. We all have to find our path out of the darkness in our lives. And when we find the path returns us to the forbidding woods of despair we simply need to choose another path. There’s the rub. What path should we choose as the last choice landed us in the dark once again. Material things don’t cut it. Drugs or alcohol are just u-turns back into the forest albeit enjoyable in of themselves in the short terem. Purpose greater than our selves is the key to seeing the forest through the trees and finding paths to realms where darkness is but a shadow in the daylight. For some of use we may need therapy. Others may need the group hug of religious institutions. To each their own. Whatever feeds our connection to our immediate and extended environments is what will draw us out of the muck and mire of the daily toils and tribulations.

Returning to what we are thankful for is a foundation for following our particular path to bliss and freedom. Cultivating gratitude can turn on the light in the darkest hours. it can open our hand asking for help from others. Our attitude and appreciation of our particular situation is the cornerstone of happiness. It is the turning of perspective from suffering to opportunity albeit difficult to find in the drudgery of our daily affairs of hauling the stones to the pyramid of our our modern pharaohs. Finding gratitude starts with the recognition or acknowledgment of what’s good in the present situation. It can be as simple as recognizing we are still breathing or walking upright. We are where we are and have the opportunity to make life better even if it is only small incremental change in the next moment. This is true every moment of our lives even in the darkest of times even when we think all is lost. We all have to manage ourselves through the trials and tribulations that come our way. We are not alone no matter how much we want to delude ourselves.

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