Who looks out for the business of you?

If you aren’t looking out for your business then who is and are they meeting your expectations for your own life? When we allow others to manager our business we fall prey to the ups and downs of daily existence and the success and failure of those we give it away to.  We can easily be consumed by the business that seek to utilize us as a resource.  Our happiness and life satisfaction wane leaving us yearning for something else or simply full of regret.  There is a way of thinking and acting that addresses these common pitfalls.

Managing ourselves as a business can change our world both personally and at large.  By understanding the system that we call “I” and implementing the tools of business management, we can improve our world.  By finding value in ourselves, our actions and our interactions we enable greater integrity and the sense of thriving in our lives.  We live with life.

This blog will explore what the “business of you” is including the system of “I”, our principles, and patterns.  It will open up a conversation not just between the blogger but between the reader and the reader’s future self.  In this conversation we will look at managing our resources, leading our selves and seeking continual improvement.  We will apply business management system ideas to ourselves.

I look forward to opening up this conversation with whoever will listen.

Biz of You. If not you then who?
It is our responsibility to stand up and fight for our business.
Your business is what you choose and decide to do.

3 thoughts on “Who?

  1. The Business of myself is the most important realization of myself, I am in this material world, having hoped to escape,,, now I have no need to escape , I am taking care of me and my greater pupose, in this time, praises to Jake


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