Do you manage yourself? 

I’ll wager you do but may not know it.  How well you manage is a question for you to answer.  Here’s a consciousness raiser, you are a business and it’s up to you to manage the business of you.  Often when people think about business, they think of profit, product, services and the dehumanizing side of the coin.  The thing is, focusing on profit often creates ethical problems whereas focusing on good business ethics and properly managing a business naturally produces profit.  In other words, profit is the emergent property of a properly managed business.  The products or services are nothing more than the outputs of the processes that form the foundation of the business.  As Christine McDougall says on her blog ( in a post entitled Integrity and Business – the essence of business is to enrich all, “The essence of business is beautiful.  People trading and exchanging and things of value to support the well-being of all.”

The success of a business is dependent upon the effectiveness and efficiency of the coordinated efforts to achieve something.  This something is ultimately aimed at making life better.    This essence of business also applies to us as individuals.  The services we provide result from our actions and benefit ourselves as well as others.  The product we produce every moment is who we are that we deliver to our future selves.  Right now you are the product of your past thoughts, actions and integration with your environment.  You are the supplier, product and the customer.

wiki commons
Bridge in Lokbaintain in Banjarmasin, Indonesia taken by M Reza Faisal (Wiki Commons)

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