Resource Management

Who’s managing our resources if we are not?  Is it our significant other?  Is it our family?  Is it our work?  Is it our addictions?  It’s an interesting question that implies control.  More specifically, if we don’t exercise self-control, others will exercise control over us.  When we let others manage us it sets up a contradiction inside ourselves when expectations differ.  We may want one thing, but those that manage us want something else.  This gap between expectations is experienced through stress, regret and other negative internal trappings. Thus, we have a decision to make.  We can either run from the responsibility of managing ourselves or we can live in a congruent universe where we are open and integrate our intentions with those around us.  Else, we live a discrepant life where everyone is out to get us or avoid us.

To rectify the discrepancies in our life, we should practice as much self-control as appropriate to change or achieve our intention.  One way to know how much self-control to practice is to focus on the situation at hand.  Where are we at?  What are we doing?  What is our intention?  Is there anything we are doing that does not help us achieve our objective in that situation?  If we observe there are elements of our situation or experience that are unnecessary then we have discovered the opportunities to exercise our self-control.  Often in our quest to be fully present in a given situation or environment we learn that there is one thing we can always be better on, that is, managing our resources.

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