Resources to Ready

Do you know what resources you can directly manage to bring about your vision in life?

There is a fundamental set of resources that we all work with.  First, time is a resource.  There is known limited amount of time in each day and there is an unknown limit to our time in our life.  Thus, there are different time horizons that we have to account for in our activities on a daily basis.  We also have resources which are akin to capital assets in a for-profit business.  We have mental, physiological, psychological, and social assets which may be grown and used to generate financial resources.  How we distribute and utilize our resources has a significant impact on our personal achievements in whatever way we define our value and criteria for our success.

To manifest our vision there is one primary resource we have at your disposal.  We are the resource that fuels our future success no matter how we define success.  Like any business venture we have to ready ourselves for the task at hand or objective to pursue.  This can be organizing tools, parts and space.  It can be learning how to do what needs to be done.  Whatever needs to be done, the one resource we have at the ready is ourself.


building a stabilizer
We have to ready our resources before doing anything of value in our lives

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