Life Enrichment

The business of you is all about enriching your own life through our interactions with others, for-profit-businesses as well as our environment.  In an age where there is a veritable cornucopia of information on self-improvement, management, leadership, business and positive psychology, we need an idea to bring all of these tools together.  That idea is to think of ourselves as a business and as Jon Pabst, a good friend of mine and colleague once said, “use the tools to the extent they are useful.”  There isn’t a truer statement considering our perpetual information overloaded states of mind these days. We have to sift through the information and ingest only that which resonates with us, adds value to our business, and allows us to be more effective.

Some of the fundamental elements of business that many books focus on are planning, organization, directing, resourcing and controlling.  As individuals we do the same things, however the resources we direct are our own time, energy and assets of mind, body and soul.  The energy we direct is what comes from within us and if applied appropriately it can direct the energy around us and within others.  The time we control is our own.  How we use our time in this life is solely dependent upon our choices and decisions.

rivets and fun
hard work pays off, but it always starts with our choice to do so.

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