How full is your Reservoir of Self-Reliance ?

Self-reliance is a reservoir of energy and will power.  It is the accumulation of the runoff from our experience, thoughts and beliefs.  Our self-reliance is the understanding of what our true self is and the inspirations and intuitions that emanate from our experience and core beliefs.  It is the value we associate with who we are.  It is an understanding that all things change. And, more specifically, it is the realization that it is possible to change or adapt ourselves as necessary.  It is the basis of our individuality, creativity and originality.  Our self-reliance is a state of not requiring any aid, support or interaction for survival and thus gives rise to independence of mind, body and soul.  It is a belief in one’s self and capability to meet the needs of a given situation.

Our self-reliance grows throughout our life with the initial pond being created in our child hood.  Depending on our particular circumstance growing up we may have either been encouraged or discouraged to do things on our own.  Whatever the state of our self-reliance, it is something that can be developed and nurtured throughout our lives.  Even if we become injured and debilitated in some manner, it is our choice to keep doing things on our own in whatever capacity that we can that fuels our self-reliance.  The important thing is to focus not on the emergent properties of independence and self-worth but on continually working hard to do what needs to be done.   By paying attention to what needs to be done next our reservoir of self-reliance naturally grows.

unconscious and conscious elements
Our Mental Weather Patterns

“The force of character is cumulative.”  
Ralph Waldo Emerson from his essay, Self-Reliance

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