Finding the Essence

There is a feeling, thought and spirit that is you.  Do you know it?  Within this feeling, thought and spirit is our fundamental essence which has intrinsic value, usefulness and worth.  It is the root of our experience.  It is the basis of our interaction, integration and interconnectivity with our universe.  It is also the differentiation that sets us apart from our world.  We are interrelated interdependent systems.   This essence of who we are is constantly changing and something we must continually explore and learn about.  When we get wrapped up in the stresses and strains of life or when we lose site of the larger picture or pattern, we lose our connection with this essence.

Our physical bodies are composed of a skeletal system upon which hangs the digestive, respiratory and muscular systems.  We have a nervous system that keeps us in tune with ourselves and surroundings.  Our circulatory systems continually transports nutrients, oxygen and hormones to the other systems.  And, there’s the enjoyable reproductive system. Our mental systems are likewise composed of many different components.  We could look into the time-course of events of perception, depth psychology, our hierarchy of needs, or flow psychology.   Our thoughts, senses, perceptions, beliefs and experience are all interrelated.  Similar to our physical and mental systems, our individuality is a component of the larger system of our family, the company where we work, the industry we work in as well as the natural system that sustains us all.

When we attempt to understand one element or another, we often lose sight of the overall system and get lost somewhere in the myriad of possible manifestations of that system.   When confronted with issues we eliminate symptoms without addressing the underlying patterns.  It’s easier to affect short-term solutions in lieu of making changes improving things in the long run.  There are all kinds of examples of this in business and our personal lives.  However, if we can step back and look for the underlying patterns and potential long-term impacts of our decisions, we can start nurturing the essence around and within us.  The essence of who we are is not singular in nature.   We are at once individuals separate and distinct while also a continuum of flesh, bloodlines, interactions and experiences interconnected with our environment.

The business of you is about learning and knowing what is of value to us as individuals as well as to the larger systems we live within.  We are interdependent systems living within larger systems.  Thus, it is imperative we find the essence and patters underlying our daily experience, the trials, suffering, fun times and peak experiences in order to maximize our short and long term contentment.

Personal system diagram
The essence of who we are emerges out of the larger systems we integrate with.

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