Issues Arise out of not Managing Our Business.

Looking at my recent posts, I find I’ve had the opportunity to work and befriend some excellent people.  However, things are not as rosy as I write it.  I also work and know people who are on the other end of the spectrum.  There are those who don’t manage their business and complain about what’s happening to them or try to control what’s outside of their sphere of affluence.  These are the types who create issues for themselves.  Some manage other people and motivate their employees through fear.  They point out that other’s can do what is asked or they can work somewhere else.  Sometimes they are not so blunt but their meaning is rather clear.  Some people use others without respect for other’s belongings, time, money or energy.   And yet others I know try to help people to their own detriment and have no regard for boundaries to protect themselves.

For the business of me, I decide to stay away from this side of the management spectrum as much as possible.  However, I’m human and get negative at times.  I do things without the full awareness of my boundaries or impact to others.  I balance this by listening to the feedback people and my environment give me.  I use it to gain perspective and get myself centered again.  I return to the essence of who I am so that I can foster more positive relationships built on reality and not my interpretation of it.  Furthermore, I find the fun where ever possible.

This brings me to the critical themes of A Valued Life, Managing the Business of You (the book I’m working to publish):
Find the Essence,
Find the Connection, and
Find the Fun.

More on these themes in the next few posts.  Until then adieu.


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Anxiety due to Issues

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