Do Things Before Expected

My eight year old daughter gets it.  As she reads the posts of this blog, some of her comments not only surprise me but inspire new ways of communicating the principles of managing  ourselves.  The other evening she told me, “I like doing things before I get asked because I don’t like being asked to do it.”  This single statement embodies a number of principles within my manuscript A Valued Life, Managing the Business of You..  She has a bias for action.  She is aware of the expectations others have for her.  She seeks to exceed those expectations.  She plans on doing things before its required.  She recognizes what she likes and doesn’t like.  For and eight year old, she’s managing her business more than some of the adults I know. It’s amazing what we can learn from those around us when we are not wrapped up in our worries and concerns about our own stuff.

If it’s important to us and we value it, perhaps we can all think about doing things before it’s expected of us.

A bias for action and exceeding expectations helps us over achieve.

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