How do We Make Our Vision Real?

The impetus to explore is inherent within us. It is born out of our sense of wonder and not knowing we should fear the unknown. After coming out of the womb we breathe, move, eat and poop followed by opening our eyes at which point our exploration starts in earnest. We explore through our touch, hearing, taste, smell and sight. Everything that comes into contact with our senses is new. Without judgement we take in information. We also take in the response of our environment to stimuli which initiates our path in socialization. When our mother responds with a smile, we smile. Likewise, when our parents respond with a negative response we learn to respond the same way to the original stimulus. Before too long we begin absorbing the behaviors of those who take care of us. ’Tis the nature of growing up. However, the essence of exploration lurks beneath all of our adopted behavior albeit clouded by “understanding.” If we can capture the smallest amount of that exploratory spirit, we can use it to our benefit. With patience and openness every experience can take on the form of exploration.

The next level of intent that allows us to transform our vision into reality is to establish objectives for ourselves. We do this through exploring the degrees of freedom that are innate in our situation and looking for the options open to us that may allow us to manifest our vision. We explore to discover in our own way what truly fulfills us within our particular constraints. The objectives we establish extend beyond the present situation into the years and decades to come. A good example of an objective is to obtain a college degree which may take years of goal setting with individual targets of passing an exam or studying for twelve hours on the weekend. All of which support the vision of establishing a particular career which creates the potential to establish the life we have imagined ourselves leading.

The first step in creating our vision is to explore the options available to us and determine objectives that support our vision.

creating our vision
We make our vision real by setting objectives that create our vision.

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