Forming Objectives

To form objectives that support our vision, it is of value to explore the environment and day to day situations we find ourselves in. We have to look at how we operate within our world. Every moment affords us new opportunities and new paths provided we are open to see them. To witness the unfolding of reality is to stand back and not be attached to what happens. When we look at the world with a level of detachment that does not get us into trouble with regard to our interpersonal relationships, we can watch with wonder. We can search for purpose in the nuances of the present that ultimately support our vision. We can discover more efficient paths to what we imagine for ourselves. This sense of exploration is vital to maintain our open nature.

Open to the myriad of degrees of freedom that unfold every moment, we create the potential to orient our short term goals to our long term vision. We can link our immediate targets, and goals to the vision through the objectives we establish for how we operate in this world. We can look at the various objectives we have and those of others to explore any potential conflicts. More specifically, we can decide what objectives conflict with our vision for ourselves and remove them from our consideration or at least put them in their place. Our objectives support who we are and who we want to become.

The vision we create for ourselves is off in the future.  There are paths to bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to  be.  The foundation to build the bridge is our objectives.  The structure we build upon the bridge our the grand tactical goals we establish for ourselves.  We’ll talk about that next time.

Creating Potential
Exploring the present with our vision in mind creates the potential to bring it about.

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