Addressing the Critical Things

When observing and addressing the small critical things that add value and have an impact on manifesting our intent, there are a few considerations that promote an increase in effectiveness. Realizing we live with the very useful illusion of free will, including the freedom to choose during the execution of our plans at all levels is tactically advantageous. It is important to allow as many degrees of freedom as possible in our planning as the unfolding situation will undoubtedly provide its own constraints. It is also critical to prepare ourselves for warped judgements. Knowing our desires, habits and thought patterns we can plan ahead for them. If we know we have an addictive personality, we can plan in our own constraints that reduce our freedom to choose poorly. When offered drink, smoke or sex we can provide ourselves a path to avoid it by saying things like, “I apologize, I have something that requires my undivided attention in an hour.” Or, “Thanks, I love this stuff, but I really need to get going to support my family.” Remember we often prefer rewards that arrive sooner rather than later, even though the later rewards are more significant and have a more profound impact on achieving our objectives. So when buying a car, go in with a pre-approved loan so that you can have something to lean on when the car salesman offers amazing deals if you just drive the car off the lot. Additionally, our egos get depleted on a daily basis. We have a limited amount of energy to deal with the choices that we make throughout the day. Our egos are naturally more prepared to deal with tough choices after a good nights sleep rather than after we have dealt with the barrage of daily responsibilities. In this light, we can see procrastination is a double whammy making it twice as hard to get things done. Knowing this, allow for ego depletion. If we know our willpower will be low when we go out on the town, we can either not go or provide ourselves some bright lines to follow. Bright lines are the boundaries and constraints that we place upon ourselves that are aligned with our own purposes and not those of others. The bright lines, rules or targets we adopt for ourselves when related to our goals and objectives mitigate the risk of failing to bring our vision of ourselves into existence.

bright lines
We create bright lines for ourselves to follow in our dark times with the rules and boundaries we create.

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