Managing the Post Business (take a poll)

A couple of followers of this post have talked to me about how often a post would be useful.  A few others have talked to me about the posts and how they like to think about the ideas for a couple of days before reading more.  This leaves me with questions about how many times a week, what days, and length of posts.  If you’d be so kind feel free to leave your opinion on the questions below.  Once you answer the questions, you can see the poll results.

As of late April 2015 my plan is to move from 3-5 posts a week to 2-3 aiming at Thursday and Fridays. The reason for this is due to feedback but also what I’ve learned about social media and how most engagement is at the end of the week.  This also allows me to focus on the rewrite of my manuscript which takes time as does everything else.

With this said, I want to thank all of my followers thus far in this quest to share the idea of managing the business of you and eventually publishing a book.

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