I Support Accountability

Recently, I picked up a prescription for my wife.  The thing is insurance didn’t cover it and it was over $300.  I put it on the flexible spending account (FSA) card we have as that’s what it’s for.  The pharmacy technician said that if I brought back a manufacturers coupon within 14 days we could return some of the money to the FSA card.  I did what she indicated I could do.  When I returned half a day later, some other technician told me that it was impossible to do what I was told due to her interpretation of the rules of the coupon.  Anger swelled within and I simply got my paperwork back and left before I opened my mouth and truly made it impossible.  I returned two days later.  I talked to another technician who at least listened to what I was attempting to do.  We involved the pharmacist who said she’d call the manufacture to see what could be done.   It was the original pharmacy technician who took responsibility for her words, worked with the manufacturer on a solution the next day, and called me back to tell me precisely what needed to be done.  I returned to the pharmacy after work, explained the situation to another tech and was able to reduce my expenditure by 75%.

I was able to save money because one person I talked to had the wherewithal to follow through with her words.  It is this kind of accountability that helps get things done in the world.  This is customer service.  Instead of taking the easy way out and relying on manufacturer weasel clauses, the pharmacy tech found a path to help.  Even though there were other people I interacted with in the pharmacy that show different levels of accountability, I look forward to returning as I know someone will help.  Perhaps her responsibility will infect those around her as everyone involved was aware Onaleigh at the King Soopers Pharmacy in Firestone, Colorado is accountable to do what she says she will do.

This level of accountability is exemplary of managing the business of you.  She made it her business to help others so the company she works for can be that much better.  I support accountability.

It’s easy! Say what you do and do what you say.

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