Creating Ourselves

Having a vision of our future is establishing a new identity.  When we immerse ourselves in the identity we want to become, we start seeing the opportunities that support and create our vision.  Having a plan to bring about our new identity is extremely important.  It builds a foundation for who we want to be. Making detailed plans including options or contingencies allows us to accommodate the natural changes and chaos occurring in our daily lives. Awareness of the barriers or constraints to our vision helps us keep an eye on things as life unfolds. Maintaining our vision allows us to manage the constraints in our lives.  When things don’t go per plan, as often they do, having options gives us power to get ourselves back onto our path between who we are and who we truly want to be.  Before we know it, we are who we want to be and it happens by using the following simple steps:

  • immersing ourselves in a new identity,
  • being aware of the barriers or threats to this vision,
  • planning with enough details to include options, and
  • adapting to the current situation with our identity in mind.
It's up to us to create the person we want to become and it starts with our identity.
It’s up to us to create the person we want to become and it starts with our identity.

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