The Dark Side of Freedom

Julio Lara has posted another good article at the Good Vader blog titled, Fear of Missing Out and the Fantasy of Everything.  A key point that rings true relative to the business of yours the dark side of freedom.  With freedom comes choices.  With the many options open to us in today’s world, selecting an appropriate path forward or deciding what’s important now may be daunting for many.  It is because of this understanding the biz of you is important.  Knowing your intent, being able to focus on your vision of the future, and knowing what resources you have are fundamental in the midst of opportunity.  By having a grasp on what the biz of you is about, you have no need to fear missing out and can let the fantasy of everything wash over you so you can focus on what needs to be done here and now.

If you have some time, feel free to follow some of the links like the one to Julio’s article or the others that point back to other posts on this website.  There’s a treasure trove of ideas herein as well as out there if you simply can learn to explore the possibilities.  And through our exploration, we learn and expand ourselves to the limit of our lives.

The fear of missing out fades away when we know what our biz is.
The fear of missing out fades away when we know what our biz is.

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