Two Consequences of Our Decisions

A friend of mine at work brought out something he had posted on his wall years ago to post once again.  He found the quote in a training package for leadership. There are some ideas that connect with us in multiple situations and times

“The two most severe consequences decisions are success and failure.”

If we look at failure as learning opportunities then we are faced with either stepping stones to success or the success itself as the consequences of our decision.  With this in mind, the most important thing to do is simply make a decision and see what happens.  If what happens does not bring about success, then we have just accumulated more experience to make our next decision that much more successful.  There may be a string of opportunities, but probability indicates success will happen.  It’s highly improbable we can be unsuccessful in all of our decisions.  On the other side of the proverbial coin, it’s highly improbable we can be successful all the time.  To create the biz of you, it comes down to acting on the decisions we make.  The outcome is feedback into our continual processing of our life experiences which in turn enable us to refine our decision-making as we go along.  What’s left is to simply enjoy life as it unfolds and continue acting on what’s important to us.  The rest is, as they say, history.

Decide, act and enjoy what unfolds.

4 thoughts on “Two Consequences of Our Decisions

  1. Quoted from Floyd Butchy Craft from Facebook: This is true, failure and success walk hand in hand. There is also the decision to either ‘be on the court[ or simply ‘sit in the stands’ all your life. The risk of being in the stands is very littel and the reward is the same, whereas the decision to be ‘on the court is a much higher risk but has a much better reward with either failure or success. Are you picking up what I’m putting down my brotha?


    1. I’m totally picking it up. I totally agree. For my wife and I, we are on the court at work, with the family and looking forward to the future and purchasing some retirement property in Ridgway about 15 years before we retire. I think we are in the game so to speak. Thanks for the comment Butchy.


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