Approaching Major Decisions

It’s essential to know what’s important to us when approaching a major decision like switching careers, changing jobs, or heading into retirement.  Do you know what’s key and critical in your life?  Have you created a contract with yourself prior to negotiating a contract with a new company?  How does your free time or time with family weigh into your decision?  Probably most important is why are you seeking a change?

The root cause of our desire to change is the foundation upon which we can build successful decisions taking into account both our rational and emotional sides.  Without knowing our impetus for change we risk going down paths fraught with frustration and strife.  Letting the universe decide can also be an approach.  It can be fun if we can let go of the consequences of our decisions and just react to whatever comes to pass. However, we may find ourselves repeating issues and finding ourselves in situations we’ve been in before.  This is due to not know why we sought change in the first place.

We all have to make our rational decisions as best we can.  We all have to listen to the heartfelt song inside us to fulfill our inner yearnings emerging through our choices.  Ultimately, this is our life. It is our responsibility to guide our lives in the directions we think and feel are appropriate. Knowing why you are changing and having a contract with yourself are the basis of long-term happiness.

Next time, I’ll talk about the comments of a self contract.

Take time to know why you are seeking change.
Take time to know why you are seeking change.

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