Make Your Own Music

As we stated last time in not so certain terms, listening with all of our senses is key to connecting with our environment and ourselves.  When we listen, we enable ourselves to understand the vital few things in our lives.  It allows us to recognize what’s important.  It allows us to let the noise of the unimportant things drop away from our perception.  When we listen, we hear the music of our lives.  It enables us to sing things like Ode to the Bus, The Eye-See-Hand-Do Connection, or Stillness out loud.

When we tune into our own “music,” we find the rhythm and meter of our activities.  This in turn allows us to find the flow we desperately seek in any given moment.  The underlying beat of our own drum connects us with the ebb and flow of life around us, our significant other, our kids, our friends and the work we enjoy.  If you don’t hear your music, it is incumbent upon you to find a way to connect with it.  Try a physical activity, meditation, dancing, enjoying your work or truly listening to the boundless music available to us.  These activities are simply the feedback mechanisms available to us all to discover our own rhythms.  The feedback we receive for body, mind and spirit when rolled into one allows us to connect with the music of our own soul.  Once we understand ourselves, we can add our jingle to the music of the spheres we influence.

It's upon us to find our own rhythm and express it to add to the music of the spheres.
It’s upon us to find our own rhythm and express it adding to the music of the spheres.

Are you making music with your actions?

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