Embrace Your Ignorance

Ignorance is nothing more than a lack of knowledge or information. By accepting and understanding our ignorance we enable ourselves to gain knowledge and information.  A child is naturally ignorant and does not fear or judge their ignorance.  As we grow up, our peers judge us by our knowledge of things.  It allows us to put each other in our place. We feel superior when we know more than other.  We feel smug or taken with ourselves when we know a secret or have information others don’t.  It gives us a sense of power which is important for self-confidence and finding our place in the hierarchies naturally created when people get together. As adults we have trepidation when we become aware of our ignorance.  We forget ignorance is our original nature and how we started on the path to where ever we are now.

Children are naturally curious.  They ask a myriad of questions to get their cerebral engines working.  Their questions and the questions generated from the responses and reactions they receive point them down the various paths of inquiry they follow the rest of their lives. If information is restricted or kept them kids, some seek it that much more giving them even more resolve to explore those things they are not supposed to know. Some kids don’t and just go other ways to fuel their cerebral and emotional engines.  Some of the questions we ask as we grow up get us into trouble or send us down into some dark places. As we flow along the river of time in our life, we face trials, tribulations and turbulence.  Some of us stop asking questions because of the problems we faced previously.  We get hurt and don’t want to do it again. Some of us stop the inquiry because we found walls and closed doors along the paths we followed and don’t see the value in questioning. And yet, others retain their ability to question and find vast treasure troves of information and opportunity.  With open doors and continual expansion of our knowledge we connect with creative energy to do amazing things with the precious time we have in this life.  Amazing people of humanity had questions that drove them endlessly to continue their particular hero’s quest.

The take away here is simple.  Asking questions is a key to continual improvement and bringing about the vision we have for our lives.  If we don’t have a vision, then the questions we seek can create a life we want despite not knowing what we want to be in the future. With this in mind, embrace your ignorance and start asking questions

Ignorant is how we start as children and how we learn as adults.
Ignorant is how we start as children and how we learn as adults.

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