Out To Lunch

When was the last time you took yourself our for lunch?

  • Not because no one else was available.
  • Not because there was extra time in your schedule.
  • Not because you needed to grab something on the go.

Rather, when did you schedule time for yourself, go sit down, relax and enjoy some good food?  It’s so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of our jobs, going places, the stress of getting things done in school, taking care of our chores, or meeting the expectations of our mates, kids, peers or close friends.  Why isn’t there time set aside for you in all that stuff going on in your life?

I’m reading A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger researching I’m my next manuscript. Something Warren mentions is the importance of being willing to slow down and relax.  When we are relaxed current medical research indicates there are more neural connection made compared with when we are stressed with our stuff in our lives. More neural connections allow us to be more creative and come up with unique solutions to the needs and pressures in our lives.  The thing is, most of us don’t take time to relax and get away from the forces driving us here and there.  We get stuck in our ruts and ask why does it have to be this way.

From the perspective of managing the biz of you, taking time to relax and reflect on what’s important to us is integral our success.  It enables us to think and feel our way to what we truly want.  Without it, we don’t give ourselves opportunity to create the vision of who we want to be by asking “what if” questions followed by “how do I” questions to drive positive change in our lives.  Maybe it’s not going to lunch.  It may be taking time to be alone or simply meditating.  Whatever your approach is, don’t forget to take time for yourself among all of your competing constraints.  It’s amazing what happens when you do so, especially if you do it regularly .

Enjoy a lunch for yourself.
Enjoy a lunch for yourself.


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