We vs You or I

The concept of the business of you at first glance is self centered. However the concept of managing the business of you confronts our individuality. It requires us to know ourselves in relation to the world around us.  This awareness is one of the primary aspects of our business and integral to our interactions and exchanging energy with our environment.

Exploring the concept further, we learn we are interdependent with others and our environment.  Our individuality is part of and even partially defined by the larger systems we involve ourselves with.  The biz of you loses its self-centeredness and begins to connect us with something beyond ourselves when we account for both our internal and external resources.  Our biz does not exist without exchange and interaction with our environment which includes other people managing their own biz.

One of our resources is our social connections.  The close connections in our life as stated in the previous post have more to do with our life satisfaction than our pursuit of wealth, fame and ego-bound glory.  Managing our biz necessarily includes connecting with things outside ourselves and thus is not self-centered as we may have initially thought.

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