Can’t Lead From the Weeds

There are those in positions of power who get lost in their own egos and need to be in the center of things.  These people wind up leading with techniques like micro-managing, helicopter-managing or incessantly dabbling in the workings of their particular organizations and even the work of other organizations.  They get placed in these positions as those above them see some skill, understanding or results and think by promoting them they will help others to do the same.  It’s not that simple.  Some people are leaders.  Some people are not.  And, some have potential but need guidance by those with evidence of their leadership exhibited by the dedication, loyalty and commitment of the people they lead.

There’s a fundamental difference between being effective at a job or function and leading people.  If someone can not let go of the need to get things done, their leadership suffers and may never develop.  Being a supervisor, manager, director or vice president is not the same as being the one doing the work.  If a doer placed in a leadership position is unable to let go of the doing, then their leadership position falters, loses respect from others and gets washed into the background noise of inefficiency.  Being a doer is tactical.  Being a leader is strategic with precisely applied tactical activities.  It’s certainly helpful to understand and have experienced the tactical side of an organization but staying attached to the doing restrains strategic efforts. When this happens the person placed in this position suffers along with the organization.

What does this have to do with the Biz of You?  To be successful in our lives takes both strategic planning and tactical efforts.  We have to envision different futures for ourselves and take action to bring about the vision we want most for our lives.  Change happens and we have to adjust our strategic plans. in the times we have to sit back and look at what’s going on to see where we are going and reflect on whether it’s appropriate for what we want out of life.   Most of the time, however, we have to simply get things done.  If we keep the long-term vision for our life in mind, our tasks become meaningful.  We can feel our use of resources, time and energy has purpose relating to what we want to create.

We can be taken away by the drama and stress of our particular situation.  We can get lost in the weeds of our life.  It’s up to us to set aside some time to pull ourselves out of the weeds and reflect on what’s happening, what we intended, and where our current activities are taking us. Once we have our direction established or re-established we can et back to work knowing we are on the path we set for ourselves through the weeds.

It takes both strategy and tactical actions to achieve success in your life.
It takes both strategy and tactical actions to achieve success in your life.

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