Make a Damn Decision

If you can’t make decisions, you’re not a leader.  You restrict your ability to adapt and thus lose flexibility and diversity.  Over time lack of decision-making will cause you to atrophy and be cut off from the systems you integrate with.  This further restricts your ability to evolve with the world around you.  Meaninglessness creeps in and life decays followed by death of your spirit.

I watched someone argue to arrive at a decision they had to make.  After the argument where someone told this person what to do, still no decision was made.  No action came of it despite being something that was requested over three months ago. Of course the reasoning used to sanction inaction was collaboration.  The thing is the other collaborators all agreed with what was told to this person.

I’ve also observed someone unable to accept the ideas of others until it was their own.  People began planting seed so this person would have the idea themselves and then “decide” it was a good idea they had on their own.  Unknowingly, this person has been manipulated through the years and from what I can tell is unaware of it being wrapped up in thinking they know what to do.

And there’s a third person of high rank who goes and dabbles in the affairs of others barking out orders and decisions at levels this person need not be involved with if there was trust in his minions. Although extremely intelligent, this person has lost respect over the years due to not adjusting the decision making process to adapt to the strategic levels this person is now responsible for.

Decisions are key and critical to make progress in this ever-changing world of ours.  Our ability to recognize what’s happening, where we need to go and decide appropriately is fundamental to leadership.  It is fundamental to managing our biz.  How we go about decisions changes as the environments and systems around us change. Effective decisions require continual learning and reflection on what’s appropriate for our behavior as life changes.  If we can’t see past ourselves and our inability to decide, then we are fundamentally stuck and prey to those who know how to lead even if from “below” our position.


decide damn it
It’s our responsibility to decide what’s appropriate for our lives and our particular situation.

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Feel free to comment and let me know of my errors so I may correct them and better my biz.

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