Just Do It

Do it, Decide.
Don’t hide from yourself.
If you don’t like what you’ve become
then make a choice and find some
connection to who you want to be
and take action setting yourself free
from worry and strife
and your unwanted life.

Do something, Decide.
Let go of what aught to be
and focus on connecting freely
to the present opportunities.
If you’re wrapped up in “should”
then correct your thinking.
Eradicate those words
hiding who you are like
“should,” “would,” “could,”
“never” and “always”
Inaccurate they are.

Do it, Decide.
There’s only one
who needs to abide
the onslaught of choices.
You who need only meet your
own standards hold integrity
and  future value in balance.
So let yourself dance
in your circumstance
by simply
breathing in.
breathing out
and committing
to your decisions and
finding value in your biz.

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