What’s the Meaning of Your Biz?

Why should we manage our own biz?  What meaning does it have?

As I look at rewriting the Biz of You book, I’ve been asking myself these question over and over.  I’ve been seeking outside feedback by talking to all kinds of folks and reading various books on meaning.  I came across one by Will Durant, On the Meaning of Life, that has captured my attention for some time.  As I’m nearing the end of the book a few quotes resonate with the meaning of managing the Biz of You:

The meaning of anything must lie in its relation to some whole of which it is part.”

“The meaning of life, then, must lie within itself; it must be independent of individual death, even of national decay; it must be sought in life’s own instinctive cravings and natural fulfillments.”

“The simplest meaning of life, then, is joy–the exhilaration of experience itself, of physical well-being; sheer satisfaction of muscle and sense, of palate and ear and eye.”

“If we think of ourselves as part of a living (no merely theoretical) group, we shall find life a little fuller, perhaps even more significant.  For to give life a meaning one must have a purpose larger than one’s self, and more enduring than one’s life.”

Managing the Biz of You is not self-centered. With that said having a healthy sense self and independence is a prerequisite of fully integrating within a larger whole whether that be family, work, social group or environment.  Without a sense of who we are, our values, deep desires and how we differ from others, the larger systems we integrate move and use us as needed to support it.  The living group becomes who we are, defining and moving us.  However, with a sense of our values and own meaning, we add further distinction and life to the living group and environment.  Our interactions take on meaning as we drive from within while concurrently aligning with the living group.   Managing the Biz of You with our values and purpose known brings meaning to our everyday decisions and adds meaning to the evolving world around us. Managing the Biz of You betters our lives and those we interact with. It is shared meaning from within.

Integrate with the living group with your independent self.
Integrate with the living group with your independent self.

I apologize for any typos, punctuation or grammar errors.
Feel free to comment and let me know of my errors so I may correct them and better my biz.

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