5-Hour Rule

We don’t spend enough time feeding and exercising our brains.  We get wrapped up in this or that thing.  We say to ourselves, “I have so much to do,” or “I don’t have time.”  A healthy and active brain requires new material to digest and problem solving just like our bodies need diet and exercise.

A good friend of mine sent me an inc.com article to me.  Michael Simmons talks about what he calls the 5-Hour Rule used by top business leaders like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey and Elon Musk.  The leaders he tracked over time used the 5-Hour Rule in three ways to read, reflect or experiment.  It is my opinion we need all three.  Reading is like ingesting food providing us material to digest in our reflection.  When we experiment with creativity or problem-solving, we exercise our minds.  These things have positive long-term benefits and help us gain diversity so we can continually adapt to our ever-changing environment with all of its stresses and strains on us.

Your mind needs you just as your body does to feed and exercise it.
Your mind needs you just as your body does to feed and exercise it.

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The full article at inc.com is at:

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