Working With Debilities

It’s hard to write when you can’t focus. It’s hard to write when you can’t sit for more than 5 minutes at a time. Struggling with a 7mm shift of my lumbar spine over my sacrum, the pain medications, muscle relaxers, and nerve desensitizers screw with my physical resources as well as my attention and attitude. My primary resource of time is focused on otherwise simple daily activities like cooking or work. Thus, I’ve had to to adjust my priorities resulting in far less blog posts than I like. I don’t apologize as I’m managing the biz of me and can still hear the echoes of friends who have told me to take my own damn advice. Thank you for the reminder!

One thing I take away from this whole experience is how important our attention and attitude are and how they effect the efficient use of action to utilize our time available. it also reminds me how small actions can go a long way if they are linked to larger goals. Sometimes we can only focus on the small things. When those small things are connected with bigger objectives, we can accomplish great things no matter what our debilities are.

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