The Leadership Bridge

Leadership, like character, is different for each individual. It doesn’t matter if we are autocratic, authoritative, pacesetting, democratic, coaching, affiliative, or laissez-fair style leaders; we all have our particular approach. Our leadership style may be different between work, home and social lives as well. No matter whether we pick one approach or mix it up… Read More

Communication’s Value

Passionate, principled, and idealistic are attributes that can get us hired in the jobs we want. On the other side of the sword these attributes can get us fired from the jobs we have. It comes down to how we use these attributes and more specifically the energy we derive from them. Each of our… Read More

Becoming a Leader

Whether you are in the 5th grade, a job or building your life, you are accountable for managing the biz of you. My daughter had her second 5th grade conference.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend.  My wife filled me in and to say the least my daughter is doing extremely well.  So I sent… Read More