One Decision Away

“We are one decision away from changing our life.” Mel Robbins

A friend of mine shared with me this morning a brief video explaining how motivation is garbage.  Something else that resonates with the Biz of You is Mel’s comment about, “Your life comes down to your decisions and if you change your decisions, you’ll change everything.”  The decisions she talks about is the micro decisions we make every moment in our interactions with people and the world around us.  These micro moments are where we have the opportunity to change our lives.

Here is the short video on YouTube:
Motivation is Garbage

The entire Impact Theory interview is also on YouTube if you have 50 minutes:
Why Motivation is Garbage

There are some good thoughts in the longer video we can all learn from and add to the management of ourselves:

“You may say you are worrier.  That’s not true.  You have a habit of worrying.”  “Anxiety happens when that pattern of worrying about things spirals out of control and now it starts to marry and manifest with physical sensations.”

“I think we are all flawed and that’s the beauty of who you are.  And, instead of trying to make yourself perfect in every area, it’s so much easier when you accept the things you are terrible at or that are your weaknesses or your wiring. Instead of fighting those things, trick it.  The truth is you will never feel ready to change. You can always make a decision.  That’s always within your control.”

“Change comes down to 5 second decisions.”  

“It’s your job to push yourself.”

“What’s on your phone is not your dreams.”  Keep it out of your bedroom.

“Courage is nothing more than the ability to do things that are uncertain.”

“The only thing that is truly stopping you are the limiting patterns that you think, the self-doubt, the fear, the habits that you have, and you can break them five seconds at a time.”


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