Whatchu Chasing?

I was at a Father’s Day BBQ talking with a friend. We swapped recent stories as we hadn’t seen each other in a while.  He has been off chemo for almost a year and starting to recover his health.  I had a spinal fusion five months ago. Both of us just appreciate walking and talking without pain. We got to talking about how we all take for granted the basic aspects of life like being able to enjoy time with family and friends, go for a walk or attend a get together without planning out when to take prescriptions.

He and his wife are retired while my wife and I are about 15 years away from cutting loose the shackles that bind us.  Our jobs have enjoyable aspects, but they are a necessity nonetheless. Without a paycheck, we wouldn’t be there even though there are many aspects we like about our work.  We could go off and do something with less stress and impingement upon our lives but choose not to.  We are working towards a specific goal prior to transitioning into retirement.  We also have kids with 8-12 years at home before they jump from the nest.  In our discussion we shared examples of people pursuing wealth instead of health.  In his terms, “People chase the dollar.”  With our recent situations, we concluded that instead of chasing the dollar we should chase after our health.  Wealth follows health.  Without health, wealth is meaningless and can be eroded away faster than a canyon road in a flood.

Reflecting on our conversation, I think the idea of chasing after health instead of the dollar is an excellent topic for the Biz of You.  At least it’s something for us all to consider.  And by health, I’m referring to all aspecting including physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  It’s reflected in our interactions with our self, others and society at large.  Do you think you’re healthy?  Do others think your healthy?  Another way to ask this is, are you wealthy in energy and time?  Can you enjoy the life you have while working towards your goals?  If your job is effecting your mental well-being then your health is not optimal.  Of course we all have stress.  We all have our thresholds as well.  It’s up to you to choose to do something if you are past your threshold and your health is being effected,  Choose to do, or die.  There is no try.

Chase Health

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